Kunstgewerbemuseum BerlinGerman Design Award Winner 2016

Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Berlin, 2014

Signage for the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin (The Museum of Decorative Arts). The museum’s building at the Kulturforum was designed by Rolf Gutbrod in 1966 in the spirit of postwar modernism and was re-opened in November 2014. The signage system dovetails with the minimalist approach taken by the Kuehn Malvezzi architectural practice, which modernized large parts of the building from 2012 to 2014. German Design Award Winner 2016 in the category of Excellent Communications Design – Signage and Wayfinding. Jurystatement: 'A brief glance was enough to know where the treasures of the museum were located. The color of the labels ranges from fire-engine red to black. Not only does the bold and simple system partition the museum while helping to orient visitors, it is also so omnipresent that it distinguishes the visual atmosphere of the space itself.’ Project management and design for Double Standards, Berlin.

All images are courtesy of Double Standards, Berlin.